Return to School Plan

Hello Raiders, 

We have completed the Return to School Plan as well as a letter highlighting some of the key points.  I realize there is a large amount of information to read and digest here.  Please take the time to read through these documents.  After reading them there will be a second email with a pre-registration survey and registration information.  All students need to register no matter which school choice you prefer.  

Please also note that there have been several calendar changes for this year and there will be more coming.  At this time the state calendar system isn't available for us to make all the changes; however, we can share some of those new dates with you.  

Online Registration is August 5-11

In-Person Registration is August 11 (7:00 AM - 7:00 PM)

First student attendance day is now Friday, August 21st 

October 14 is now a 1/2 day student attendance (am only)

November 3 is now a State mandated holiday - no attendance

Here a links to the information discussed above:

Very Best,

Todd Hellrigel, Ed.D.