Current tier status - tier i - masks optional

Tier I Defined

Midwest Central CUSD 191 considers a Tier I status to mean: that the Mason County/Tazewell County infection rate is low to moderate, that IDPH allows for optional or no masking requirement, minimal mandates from the state of IL allowing for local control and decision making. Several general mitigation strategies will be in place to continue to provide as safe a school environment as possible while providing in-person learning that is as close to normal as possible. While Midwest Central cannot eliminate COVID-19, our strategies are designed to mitigate that risk.

Tier II Defined

Midwest Central CUSD 191 considers Tier II status to mean: that Mason County/Tazewell County is experiencing a significant increase in COVID-19 infections, county status is at warning levels and additional mitigation strategies and mandates have been placed on K-12 schools. In this tier, mitigations beyond those of Tier I may be implemented in a single classroom, a single grade level, a single school, or the entire school district. The decision to increase mitigation strategies will be dependent upon school, community, and countywide metrics. The district will add additional mitigations and strategies during this phase to try and further control positivity rates where possible. This could include wearing masks for an extended period of time.